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With a humble beginning in 2008 THE INSTITUTE for Competitive Studies reached great heights in a few year of time. This all happened with the visionary leadership of our director Mr. Chandra Shekhar Yadav and his team. This Institute is different because of its hard working culture, honesty with students and education system. It brings difference in the lives of students oriented for career education and excellence and that too mainly from low income background who cannot afford other man hard work they have dreams are highly ambitious. Our faculty create great results with their creative and innovative teaching methods which makes the competitive exam easier.
The teaching faculty is highly qualified and experienced in the career education pattern of examinations. We create our own teaching method which is student friendly and less time and cost consuming. We prepare students for healthy competition and with God’s grace our methods got success very soon and produced lots of good results and changed many lives who will further touch million hearts and bring change in then.
Our vision is to create an Institute on an all India basis which will cater to the needs of most of the career oriented exams in India under one roof. It will be an institute under which once a child is selected, will be taught recording to their talent and interest to do best in their career as well as life. When they pass out of this institute they will be the pearls and Diamonds of their field.