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THE INSTITUTE for competitive studies have produced excellent results in government job related examination held in recent years.
We provide best education quality with the help of our faculty and research teams from Delhi, Kolkata, Allahabad & Patna.
Use of latest technology to provide you On Line Test and feed backs.
We provide orientation class / seminar before the commencement of course and session. We have a kind of special attention programme for weaker students and flexible coaching facility to cater the needs of every students.
Our innovative ideas and creative thinking brings out unique study material and our “Module Based Teaching System” make the syllabus easily understandable and highly exam oriented.
Recalling the great benefit of homework system in schools views “Module Based Home Work System” for better revision and inculcating the age old habit of hard work.
Regular ‘Unit Test’ in the class based on topics studied. “Module Test” at the end of the Module and “Test Series” after the completion of course.
“Daily Dose Practice Sheet” is provided on regular basis to keep you updated and on your toes.
“On Line Test” facility in tie with India’s largest test portal ‘TESTFRONTIER’.
Our dedication hard work honesty and care.
Last but not the least “Our Passion for Selection”.